My Practice


20160628_182520I have come to understand that within each of us are spectacular worlds that hold in them the stories of how we have been wounded, as well as the medicine we need to heal and transform. In a society so often focused on the outward journey of doing, achieving, and manifesting, we have misplaced the tools with which to travel inward, into the deep unconscious landscapes where all we have ever done, experienced, felt, lost, and loved still lives. It is also a realm of infinite possibilities.

I believe my role as a healer is to reflect back to you your own realm of infinite possibilities. To journey for and with you into those deep and powerful landscapes so that together we may find the medicine necessary to heal and restore your inner worlds.

I see emotional and physical pain and disease in part as symptoms of blockages to the flow of lifeforce within us, and the imbalance of that flow caused by the loss of parts of ourselves – our souls – due to traumas of various kinds. I work to restore the flow of your lifeforce, and to reconnect you with lost and exiled parts of yourself. The more balance and wholeness you experience inwardly, the more empowered you are to live your beautiful, strong, authentic life out here in the world.

I bring together ancestral wisdom, the study of ancient and contemporary mythos – including the transformational art of alchemy and the hero’s journey – knowledge of Jungian psychology, the human energy field, and shamanic healing techniques to help facilitate your personal transformation.

My services include:

  • Listening, witnessing, and processing with the client
  • Hands on healing – working directly with the body and the human energy field to bring balance to the chakra system; to restore, clear, repair, and strengthen the seven levels of the human energy field
  • Shamanic journeying – journeying on behalf of the client to the shamanic realm for the client’s healing; guiding the client on a journey into the shamanic realm for their healing; interpreting symbolic language of the shamanic realm
  • Soul retrieval – journeying into the shamanic realm to recover lost, split off, or exiled aspects of the client’s psyche/soul
  • Energy clearing – clearing and removal of blockages and other energetic debris from the energy field
  • Ancestral healing – identifying, clearing, and repairing ancestral connections
  • Elemental healing – channeling the forces of nature including earth, wind, fire, and water for healing
  • Personal ritual and ceremony – co-creating with clients personal rites or rituals to further empower their healing and living
  • Group ritual and ceremony – facilitating collective ritual and ceremony to assist and empower groups around specific needs and goals

I work with clients privately, both in person and long distance, to create a strong, safe, and sacred container for healing. I am honored to work with individuals who have experienced…

  • Emotional pain due to various forms of trauma
  • Loss, grief, depression
  • Chronic anxiety, despair
  • Lost, buried, or un-accessed creativity
  • Feeling stuck, unable to shift old patterns
  • Feelings of un-belonging; a sense of not having the right to be here
  • Feeling fragmented, unable to ‘get it together’
  • Not knowing one’s ‘purpose’, reason for being
  • Feelings of unworthiness, not-enoughness
  • Feeling fear or resistance to stepping into one’s power and brilliance

Private Sessions and Rates:

Individuals interested in private sessions may write to me at to set up a free introductory phone conversation. From there we can determine if you would like to set up an initial session.

I charge $100 per hour.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Helen Klonaris